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COSI - Learn Spanish in Costa Rica

Spanish courses at our language school in San Jose and Manuel Antonio

Spanish course in Costa Rica COSI is a Spanish language school in Costa Rica that offers intensive Spanish classes beginning each week all year around.

Founded in 1994, Costa Rica Spanish Institute (COSI) strives to be one of the best language schools in Latin America by offering high-quality, personalized Spanish courses at a reasonable price. In spite of being a relatively new language school, COSI has quickly developed an excellent reputation for providing personalized attention in a friendly atmosphere and with a highly professional staff.

Spanish courses in COSI San José

Year-round COSI offers Spanish courses in San José, the capital of Costa Rica. Learn Spanish in a bustling Central American metropolis in mini-groups with an average of 2-3 students. [more]


The Beach and Rainforest program in Manuel Antonio

At the COSI school in Manuel Antonio National Park at the Pacific Coast you study Spanish at white sandy beaches under supervision of howling monkeys, sloths and many other animals in the nearby rain forest. [more]

The friendly COSI staff will pick you up at the airport and arrange for your stay while in Costa Rica, either with a Costa Rican host family, in an apartment or in a hotel.

At COSI, there are many opportunities to learn outside of the classroom, especially when you join in cultural activities or go on tours with special COSI student discounts.

COSI Costa Rica is member of the following organizations:

Federation of International Youth Travel Organisations (FIYTO) American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese (AATSP) Association of Language Travel Organisations (ALTO)

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